The Gelerman Media Group is an international media company with its own publisher and own television studios. GMG’s main focus is on TV, radio and online newspapers. With its international contacts and partners, the Gelerman Media Group enables direct reference from the manufacturer to the customer. With their own television studios they produce teleshop formats for international broadcasters and partners and develop their presence in the social media sector. In addition, the Gelerman Media Group has its own teleshopping station (WTS24), which offers products that can only be obtained exclusively at WTS24. In addition, is a teleshopping channel for bloggers.

With our online network, we will change the market and redesign the media landscape around the world. Together with you we will push the media change and will make online TV, radio, newspaper the most relevant medium of our time. Together we produce content for entertainment, lifestyle, food, fashion, etc. We are happy to take up creative ideas and work with them to achieve maximum success.

Gelerman Media Group – a center of innovation.

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